The Weekly and Monthly Campaigns on OyePages are designed to give the advertisers more value for their money. The Campaigns offer many benefits such as:

  • Limited number of ad-banners on pages
  • Standard placement of ad-banners for better visibility of ad-banners
  • No fear of false impressions or false clicks or any other data manipulations
  • More clicks for better ad-banners/products at no extra cost
  • Full control on the money you spend during a certain period

Ad-Sizes for Campaigns

Ad-Sizes for Web

  • Standard Leaderboard – Size 728x90px
  • Standard Rectangle – Size 300x250px
  • Standard Square – Size 250x250px
  • Custom Rectangle – Size 220x176px

Ad-Sizes for Mobile Web

  • Custom Rectangle – Size 300x75px

Ads Placement for Campaigns

Ad Banners & Size

General placement of ad-banners for Campaigns. Please visit for exact placement.

1. Standard Leaderboard

Size 728x90px

2. Standard Rectangle

Size 300x250px

3. Standard Square

Size 250x250px

4. Custom Square

Size 220x176px

4. Mobile Web

Size 300x75px